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            The State Bank of India have installed Automated Teller Machine(ATM) at the Entrance of UCET. This ATM caters to the requirements of the students and the staff,since it is located in the campus, it saves their precious time and effort.
1.To make banking easier for the Engineering students, 24 hours ATM facility has been provided inside the college premises
2.Money transactions between the parents and their children are carried out with ease
3.Hostel students avail the benefits more...


            The college has several reverse osmosis (R.O) water plants in the campus to provide clean drinking water to the students and staff.

Centralized Computer Centre:

            The institute has started centralized computer centre to provide the common and advanced needs of the students and staffs. This centre started functioning in 2008. The centre provides the latest computer and browsing facilities. Apart from that there are individual computer centers for each department.
1.Total systems allocated : 60
2.Each system is provided with dual operating system.
3.Net connectivity of 8 Mbps.
4.Printers & Scanners are available.
5.Battery backup is available at working hours.

training and placement cell :

               The training & Placement Cell is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates in their efforts to find employment. This commitment is demonstrated by the existence of a full-time Placement Officer in-charge. The benefits of this assistance are reflected in the preparation of UCET Students who are able to secure lucrative and esteemed position in recent years.

            The training & Placement service operates year round to facilitate contacts between companies & Graduates. Staff members are available to respond to student’s questions and concerns of all kinds. This may include advice on placement procedures;help to prepare application and resumes and mock Interviews. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search

               Those considering careers in education or its related fields are offered detailed career guidance at the Training & Placement Cell. All counseling is based on up to-date placement statistics and an envisioned view of future educational and industrial trends. Additionally, the Training & Placement Cell helps the students to improve their communication Skills and Presentation Skills.

goals :

1.To produce the most competitive technocrats to fit in all scenario
2.To place students in Prospective IT & Core Companies.
3.To give sufficient practical exposures to create action plans and execute the solutions
4.Help the students to develop a passion to win and a global mindset.

Power Supply:

            The College has 500 KVA Generator which enables our campus to have non-stop power supply. It enables our campus to have centralized Air conditioning machine to be operated for the Computer Laboratory, Electrical Laboratory, Seminar hall and various other areas. The generator acts as an uninterrupted power supply resource for our Campus.

Seminar Hall:

            Fully equipped conference facilities are available in the campus. The seminar hall 1& 2 can accommodate large number of attendees in air conditioned comfort. The audio visual facilities are digitally enhanced and designed for effective presentations with excellent auditory reception. The seminar hall 1 can accommodate 400 people while the seminar hall 2 holds 120 people at a time. It has all infrastructures like AC, LCD projector, AVI system etc. It is mainly used for placement and training activities and also used by all the departments for their students and staff for various functions.

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